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again? and shotless again? jose theodore, how would he do against his former team and former hometown team? once again for the second day in a row or second game in a row, 60 minutes of hockey insufficient to settle this issue. yes, it would go to overtime and yes, there would be plenty of drama. things started badly for the home team. less than a minute in, hardly a laser but a weak goal. 1-0 montreal. seven minutes later, unassisted, 2-0 canadiens. what in the wide, wide world of sports is going o. that's it for jose theodore. now we move all the way to the third period, caps trailing by two when alex ovechkin gets on the board for the first time. the tip is perfect. 4-3 montreal on top. then a beautiful pass to bachstrom. we're tied at 4. montreal scrappy. less than five minutes in the game. they take the lead. in front. slams it off mike green's stick. montreal takes the lead 5-4. wow. bad news for the home team who are really in trouble with time running out but less than one minute left in regulation, john carlson lights the lamp. his first goal of the playoffs. tied at 5 and he
starting goaltender on the plane ride. jose theodore was pulled last night after giving up two goals on two shots. that doesn't mean he won't start and play again. boudreau and planning to ride theodore and varlamov to the playoffs. a minute into the game, here come the canadiens, brian gionta. top of your screen. just outside the circle, shoots and scores. one goal on one shot that is pretty efficient. i would say. later, 1-0 canadiens. caps turn it over. shoots and rips past jose theodore. two goals on two shots. bruce boudreau pulls theodore. in comes varlamov. game tied at 5. all i can say is wow. karlsson first playoff goal. backstrom, game winner. caps win 6-5 in overtime. the series tied at one game a piece. here is bruce boudreau on the goal tending situation. >> i think we said before the series started that if we were to go anywhere in this we would probably have to use both goalies. whether varlie or theo plays monday, i think they are both going to play again. we have to keep them sharp. i didn't fault them. i think we came up with a lot of energy and anticipation. that is a def
that theodore would be the guy during the post season. he has technically gone unbeaten since january but struggled the last couple games. that's your sports minute. everybody have a great weekend. >>> thank you, and the ncaa is facing lawsuits from former stars. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: as the final four teams arrived in indianapolis ready to battle for the ncaa championship, former players are taking to a much different court for a much different fight. >> this is a case of a continuing abuse of a dominance by the ncaa. >> reporter: led by the former ucla star in the most outstanding player, at least 11 ex-college athletes are looking to force the ncaa to pay royalties to former players. >> they are deriving significant income from rebroadcasts and sales relating to those athletes performances while they were students. >> the ncaa says the lawsuit and the attention it received is leading to misrepresentation of the facts. a written statement says in part the extent of what the ncaa licenses is limited to the own copy right works such as marks and logos, officials point t
, the key to postseason hockey is goaltending, theodore is the man, got hit with a puck and left practice, he is fine. he will start tonight and coach bow droa says he has earned it and ready to put him between the pipes. the numbers during the regular season were pedestrian. if you look from mid-january on, outstanding, 20-0-3. bow dry said he earned the right to start against his own team. theodore isn't sure why montreal is an 8th seed and dangerous. >> if you look back, they have two upsets against boston when i was there. last time when they won they finished first in the they beat boston. so, you know, for myself, it doesn't really change the approach. the nets are the same size, the puck the same size. i have been around. >> theodore is primed to have a good game. in philadelphia wrapping up a three-game set looking for good news. ryan zimmerman pinch hitting hasn't played since saturday against the mets with a bad hamstring looks good here. opposite field two-run home run. nats are up 5-4. we are in the ninth inning. redskins signed greg peterson. he played for the jacksonville ja
they don't have to do this time around. jose theodore starting in goal for caps. bruce boudreau announced his starting goalie today and said he told theodore last week he would be the guy. how long would theodore last? boudreau said he would allow him to be successful. no quick hook. they start off against the montreal canadiens thursday night here at verizon center. if the caps are going to win a stanley cup they need more out of mike green, the league's highest scoring defenseman. struggled in the playoffs last season. he said it was because he added a little bit of weight. this year he's been better than ever. he's playing hungry. last game of the year. doesn't mean a thing. look at greenie, sacrifice his body to block the shop. not many nhl stars are going to do that. >> i can't describe it. just the way i know how i felt last year to where i am now. confidence is everything. right now it seems like we are playing well as a team. that builds confidence individually. i just can't wait for that first game. >> mike is a proud man. he didn't like what everybody said about him last year. i
his 50th goal. jose theodore earns his 30th win of the season all on the same night capitals received the president's trophy for the best record. alex ovechkin accepting the trophy, didn't touch it or look at it. it's bad luck if you do. trashers turn it over. alexander semin to ovechkin. his 49th of the year. caps tie the game at 2-2. third period, same score. thrashers on the power play. check this out here. there is a not on net. the puck goes up into the air and check out theodore there. bryan little tries to flip it in. jose says, i don't think so my friend. he finished with 29 saves. good for him. third period. tied at 2-2. caps on the rush. nick backstrom leading it. passes to semin. feeds back to ovechkin. there it is, goal number 50 of the season. fourth time he's done it in his career. on the same play backstrom gets his 100th point. >> what are you going to do with the puck? >> we are going to share it. it's great. i'm always trying to set him up. he's a great player, probably one of the best in the world. always good to see other people reach their milestones. >> i'm proud
. pretty pass here. gomez beats jose theodore. we are tied at 2-2. we go to overtime. b benoit tries to sneak it past theodore. caps try to clear it. this is the guy that was talking the trash about the caps' goalie yesterday, and he beats the guys he was talking the trash about. canadiens take the game in overtime 3-2. lyndsay czarniak was there and has more. >> reporter: bruce boudreau said alex ovechkin did not play well tonight. montreal found a way to limit his chances. consensus in the locker room after this game, this capitals' team did not give it their best effort. >> it's not the start we wanted, but win or lose, it's a long series. we knew that coming in the game. we got the start we wanted. you have to give them credit. they hung around and converted on a nice power play. kind of struck when they had their chances. we can play better. we expect to in the next game. >> how frustrating is it for you when a team is able to stop you from doing what you can do best? >> it's just one game. right now i'm mad and it's disappointing. tomorrow is a new day. going to be a new game.
playoffs. when jose theodore received the public pen endorsement, turns out he has known too. he had a 20-0-3 record and has been named the starting goalie for the playoffs. theodore plays with the ka made '20-0-3 record and has been named the starting goalie for the playoffs. theodore plays with the ka made he -- ka made yens from '96 to 2006. this year he is not on the short leash. >> i told jose last week and he knew he was going to be the starter and he's earned it. it's quite a different situation from this year to last year. >> for myself it doesn't really change the approach. the nets are the same size, the pucks are the same size, i've been around. >> he's going to have the desire and passion. this time of the year you shouldn't need anything extra to motivate you. >> nick backstrum the only cap absent from practice. the third year center scored 33 goals but he's sick and probable, for tda one. >>> caps and avs never met in the post-season. the caps scored 101 more goals. the canadiens a allowed 2 fewer goals and they split their four game series. >>> o's hosting the raise and tra
and the progressive parties theodore roosevelt. the conservative candidate, william howard taft received less than 25% of the popular vote and carried only two states. imagine a result like that in 2008, conservatives would be apocalyptic. one of the central features in the 1912 campaign, theodore roosevelt continues to perplex conservatives. he promised to remake america with his brand of new nationalism in the 1912 election openly running as a progressive if conservatives have always held a certain affinity for him. today the legacy rages on. in his new book, theodore roosevelt's progressive party and the transformation of american democracy, sidney milkis tells the story of the 1912 election is one of the major turning points in american history. an election which continues to influence today's political debate. milkis writes about the characters and decisions of the campaign including the ever elusive theodore roosevelt. i will and should use our author now and yield the podium to hamper remarks before introducing our other speakers after professor milkis has concluded. sidney milkis is the mille
has to be goaltending. a couple of weeks ago it seemed jose theodore would be the guy in postseason. he's gone unbeaten since january but struggled in the last couple of games. tide could be shifting to the young russian. popular with the ladies and kids. barley is starting to heat up. that begs the question, is the wily veteran getting nervous? it was just last season in the playof playoffs he replaced theodore. bruce boudreau will wait until the last minute to decide. >> the game is the same. you have to make the save. even if you get the call night before the first playoff game or i know i've got enough experience it's not going to affect me. i'm not getting distracted by any things i can't control. i'm coming to play hard and well and the best i can. >> that's going to be interesting to see what bruce boudreau decides to do. >> still have the president's cup? >> president's trophy could be locked up tomorrow. they never won that before. it goes to the team with the best regular season record in hockey. >> we want to win that, but don't want it to be a jinx? >> exactly. they coul
his fate today. >> gary par ram will spend the next 38 years in prison. in 1998 theodore cooper was stabbed 13 times. dna evidence linked the murder to par ram after he was arrested for an unrelated crime. he was released on parole and disappeared. while on the run, he taunted investigators calling them to say he was one step ahead and would never be caught. but police tracked him down through a tip after he was featured on america's most wanted. he was arrested last year in miami. >> i know the family was pleased to get closure on this case. i know it won't bring their daughter back but we hope this allows them to move forward. >> param pled guilty. he will spend 25 years behind bars and he is facing pending robbery charges in maryland. >>> coming up next, a local senator is getting congress involved in the fight against the carry-on baggage fees. what he proposes. keaith [ sneezes ] ♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms --
'm dave feldman. jose theodore told to sit this one out. a tough pill for theodore since he used to play for the canadiens and grew up rooting for them. but bruce is the coach and he was right. caps in the road white shorthanded scoreless in the second. not anymore. boyd gordon waits and knocks in the rebound. 1-0 caps and let the floodgates open. because less than four minutes later mike green finds brooks like who gets it past. 2-0 caps. they weren't done. eric who scored on a breakaway saturday night scores up close this time. 3-0 washington on top. still in the 2nd and alex ovechkin says the price is right. from the knees, his second of the playoffs. caps win 5-1. the caps lead the series 2-1. game four wednesday. back at bell center in montreal. >>> the nationals played very well, specifically to guys. one with a bat, one with a right arm. too bad only 11 tow people were there to -- 11,000 people were there to see it, the smallest crowd in nats history. two on for willie harris. that baby is gone. a three-run shot to right, second of the year for harris. he had four rbis of the nigh
is goaltending. and theodore has technically gone unbeaten since january but struggled a bit in the last couple games and the tide could be shifting. everybody have a great weekend. >>> the ncaa is facing a lawsuit from former college basketball stars. the athletes say they have not gotten their due for the continued use of their images in marketing. nbc's jay gray reports. >> as the final four teams arrive ready to battle in the championship, some other players are taking to a different court for a different fight. >> this is a case of a continuing abuse of dominance by the ncaa. >> led by the former ucla star and most outstanding player, at least 11 college ex-athletes are part of a lawsuit looking to force the ncaa to pay royalties to former players. >> they are deriving significant income from rebroadcasts and sales relating to those athletes' performances while they were students. >> the ncaa says the lawsuit and the attention it's receiving is leading to, quote, rampant misinformation of the facts. officials also point to examples of former student athletes signing lucrative endorsement d
? jose theodore? >> reporter: jose theodore was the mvp when heed in 2002, but bruce boudreau has decided that semyon valamov will start tonight. bruce boudreau was short today when asked about his reasoning. >> we talked amongst the coaching staff, and with archie's input and the coach's input and we sat down and we thought okay, what do we do? and with george's input, and we decided this is what we're doing. >> when a teammate goes down, you're there to pat him on the back. the chances that we gave up, the first one that goes in on him is a knuckle puck. almost looked like tim wakefield threw it. so that was tough. jose unfortunately plays goal and usually they get the brunt of the blame when the team makes mistakes. maybe it was more of a change to wake us up rather than his fault, but as teammates, they're there to pick him up and he's back out practicing and working hard. he'll be fine. >> we have one goal in mind here. it's to win. throughout the season, you know, sometimes i want to play, but i mean, you know, we're all so close on this team that we want to win games. whatever the
and beats jose he do theodore. game scored at 2. julio in front tries to sneak it past theodore. no theodore. impressive performance and finished with 35 saves on the evening he is showing a lot of confidence. as for ovechkin's night it was a struggle. not allowing him any shots on goal. just the second time this season. ove didn't tally a shot on net. without it hurt even more later in overtime. the capitals trying to clear it. montreal gets the lucky bounce. out front, shoots and look at that one. that's where it ends. shoots and scores. game is over. 3-2, final. ovechkin, bruce boudreau says the caps superstar was not good. >> he made like this, not a secret, everybody plays against him like this. but -- the -- the deal is that when he's on top of his game, it doesn't matter how they are playing. >> 100% healthy we will get that out of the way. heard a couple of people say last night that he might be playing hurt and that no, we are making excuses for him. he didn't have a great game. >> when -- coach said that -- thinks that -- coach thinks we didn't play -- didn't play the game, change
for the starter. no-brainer. considering theodore hasn't lost a game in regulation in three months. to make things even more interesting, theodore is getting a start against the organization he played for for almost 12 years. montreal also happens to be his hometown. theodore is an interesting case study this year. look at his numbers over the course of the entire season. and they are not impressive. his goals against average 2.81. that ranks 30th in the nhl. his save percentage of 911 is tied for 21st. hard to argue against starting a guy that's 20-0-3 since january 12th. big question now, how long does boudreau stick with his veteran goalie? giving theo the first shot in the playoff was decided a while ago. >> quite frankly, it wasn't seeing anything. keep everybody on their toes. jose last week, he knew he was -- he was going to be the starter. he earned it. it is -- quite a different situation than it fwras this year to last year. there is no short leash. there is -- he's the guy that we are going to go with and that -- for -- you know, and see how it goes. >> lot of people were when the seaso
of this magnitude since theodore roosevelt. for this president to achieve that, whatever you think of the bill itself, in this culture, it is a historic accomplishment. even more so, i think we are caught up in euphoria surrounding the election and the inauguration day, no one who was there will ever forget that. the notion that we had become a center left country overnight rather than a center-right country has been tested and i think it has been disproved which makes obama's achievement even greater. but i agree with what he says. i think that barack obama is an incredible american figure. my son memorizes to presidents and the election of barack obama jobs out at you. jonathan alter of newsweek has a book coming out on the first year of president obama. he sputtered a lot and he did the big bailout. we are not sure where that is more to end up. with the health care, having a year of a slug fest like he had, if he had not passed that health care like he did, i think his presidency may have been one term. >> he did pass it, and i think he seems to be on quite a role. he is in-like. -- zen-lik
. jose theodore played for the montreal canadiens and gave up four goals in the last few periods. varlamov seem to wake up the capital's. >> one game is good but we have to keep going. it feels like we put the pressure on them and got the momentum back. >> the capitals rallied to tie the series at one game apiece. >> we are not out of the woods. there are a lot of people that say montreal has outplayed us for two games. we are now going into their building. >> they're building is one of hockey's ready is a real mess. -- rowdiest arenas. thate boudreau condedcedes the canadiens won the game by going offense only. >> if we want to succeed, we have to tighten up. we are worried about winning the next game right now. >> after the redskins' first three day minicamp under mike shanahan, the players learn to obey the rules. [no audio] jason campbell is not sure what his future holds. sources within the league say that haynesworth will be traded. >> there has not been one mention about trading him or any other player on this football team since i have been here. the only person i am allo
on sunday. bruce boudreau had been quiet about his starting goalie but said theodore will start between the pipes against the habs. he was a great comeback story. he was pulled early in the playoffs last year and suffered the loss of his infant son. since august, he has been phenomenal. >> what people did not realize is the 10 previous games before the playoffs, they were not anywhere near his 10 previous games were here. there is no short leash. he is the guy we're going to go with. >> bruce boudreau. the capitals had invited the fans to join them tomorrow morning at 10:30. they want you to rock to the red at practice. there was an extra pack in the step today. you could feel it at practice. there are ready to get it on. >> the last month or so, april you could say, we have had the president's trophy wrapped up. it is more of a relaxation time to get ready and amped up. people are pumped. the games will mean something again and that is important. >> hear this, one day after the district attorney declined to charge ben roethlisberger, ben roethlisberger was called in to meet with roger
to change the momentum. jose theodore is fired up. let him go. bruce boudreau says he is not hanging on. >> it was not an indication of semyon varlamov not being sharpened up the first goal, he could not see the goalie. the other two were kept. i know him well enough that if he is not sharp, i would not have a problem pulling him. >> that means semyon varlamov will start. an agreement has been reached in the wizards deal. >> the hardest thing was losing my father. the second hardest thing was seeing him suffered for so many years with this terrible illness. by comparison, this is not as bad but it is losing something that has been part of the family. it is just hard. as we get ready for game 7 tomorrow night, tom poti had surgery on the i he had. he will be o.k. but he is out tomorrow. he will be out if they win and that will be a good -- a big loss for washington. i think it is 50/50. moma -- montreal has the momentum. [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims'
. but theodore roosevelt did it in 1912 with the bull moose party and split the republican party in two. and we're ripe for a new bull moose era. >> the third party presumably would have to be like perot. something like perot put the budget deficit on the map. perot actually made it impossible for bill clinton not to address that issue with historical significance. the one person out there who presumably is in a position to do that and the resources to do it would be mayor bloomberg of new york. >> yes. >> all right. we're going to switch subjects. this is a stream of consciousness hour so -- >> yes. >> -- question to both of you, what's the best historical book, book of history you've read recently? >> i would say i've reread david halberstam's "the best and the brightest." and i read it not just to look at the kennedy administration and vietnam in the 60s, but stylistically. i think halberstam was the best writer of history in the united states since 1945. i've also read his book "the powers that be" about the media climate and halberstam's ability to use a -- be a journalist, a historian and
.j.maxx. . >>> it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> in 2002, josi theodore wasn't just the best goalie in hockey, he was the best player. and he did all of that in montreal, the place to which he will return this week. and he'll return as a starter. bruce naming theodore as the cap's starting goalie against the canadians. and the smack talk from up north began immediately. michael saying it's not as though we're up against ryan miller. they don't have a dominant goalie. oh, capitals, your response? >> i try not to read into it too much and i think, like i say, it's easy for them to say that they have two of the best goalies in the league. >> so they have been -- he's a veteran of the game. so he knows -- he can handle it and it will be a lot of pressure. but it will be a good test. >> and as the playoffs are now 48 hours away, so are the traditional playoff beards. they're not to shave as long as they're alive in the playoffs. so joining them and honoring great bearded americans from abe lincoln to uncle jessie, i will too not shave. my beard is skraingly at best
tender. and while josi theodore will play pretty well, it was placanic who proved his point. all wearing red. even though the caps hosted the first seven shots of the game, 12 minutes in power play mike cavalere fires the wrister. caps need to stay out of the box and they didn't. 1-0 montreal. but three minutes later the caps strike back. joe collects the loose puck. fires a seemingly harmless shot but it goes through traffic. tied one all after one period. no scoring in the second but 47 seconds into the third caps in deep. mike kanubal with the past. he buries his first of the playoff and the caps lead 2-1. but with 12 minutes to go, the caps strike again. that ties the game at two which is how we would go to overtime. and 12 minutes in, the a fore mentioned thomas placanic picks it up at center ice, skates in, and just like that, it is over. 3-2. montreal in overtime. a game the caps appeared to have in control. >> i thought montreal played a really solid system. we came out pretty hard. but they didn't panic and they just waited for their chance and i thought they played a really sma
is theodore may. now, ann, i'm going to ask you about what theodore told me about his job because i'm interested in your response. he said he thinks the future of journalism is going to revolve around what he described as, "leaner, meaner, more versatile types of journalists. the kind who will be able to report, write, blog, photograph, shoot video, edit video, and promote his or her own work through social networking sites," because that's what he's doing. >> true. >> can we do that and still... >> i'm doing it. i feel like we're already doing it. i mean, i'm shooting stills now, and i'm not bad. and i blog, although i hate that word. i-- >> you have a twitter account?u? >> i have half a million followers. and, to me, that's a two-way newspaper. you know, we have, what, 4 or 5 million viewers on the "today" show, about 4 or 5 million on "dateline," about 7 million on "nightly." but now i still want to twitter because there's stories that i can't get on those mainstream news broadcasts, and there's still stories i can't--information i can't get in. so i put a lot of that material on
. theodore will start at goalie. >what is a playoff series without trash talk? >> what ever been that they can say what they want. >> in montreal canadian fired the first salvo. >> it is not as though we are facing ryan miller or martin brodeur. when you look at the goal tending match up, it favors our team. >> i try not to read into it too much. it is easy for them to say that. >> has the mind game started? >> theodore is a whopping 20- vote-3 over the last 24 games. by the way, he used to play for montreal. >> i have to believe a lot of guys will step up and prove that statement to be wrong. >> bruce is all over it. more coming up at 6:00. the yankees beat the angels. the players got their world championship rings. derrick dieter cannot to a loud ovation as he collected his fifth ring. -- derek jeter got a loud ovation as he collected his fifth ring. it was great to see everybody welcomed the mvp back to yankee stadium. welcomed the mvp back to yankee stadium. we're helping jack improve our roads. watch that back. yes miss maybelle officer bill fight crime. fix your tie. yes m
his starting goal tender. jose theodore started the series. yesterday, there is theodore, the first goalie to hit the ice. montreal native did not hide his devire to start game seven tonight. >> as a professional athlete, you want to be in those situation and you want to have the chance to succeed and play in those kind of games. that is pretty much why you play the game. you play a long season, 82 games, but it is all to be in the playoff. game seven is the ultimate game. >>> this just in, levon hernandez of your washington nationals has officially turned back the clock. he is off it one heck of a start. in three starts, he has two wins and an era under one last night trying to put the kibosh on the cubbies. he had great defense behind him. look at alberto gonzalez filling in for ryan zimmerman. look at that layout there to rob derek lee of the hit. that is the way to get it done. that is down the line. watch morgan complying around second base. he is going to score. nats are going to win. hernandez with another win. the nats back over 500 at 11- 10. >>> orioles hosting the yankees
. >> bill, in 1902, when theodore roosevelt took on the industrial trusts, nobody knew what he was doing. nobody thought he could win. the senate was called "the millionaires club" for a reason. and it wasn't even any theory. the antitrust theory-- everything we know and believe about monopoly, why monopoly is bad for society-- didn't really exist, certainly not in the mainstream consensus, when roosevelt decided to take on j.p. morgan, okay? ten years later, the mainstream consensus has shifted completely. people understood from the debate and from the struggle, from the fact... from the way the trusts fought back and the way they spent their money, they began to understand this was profoundly dangerous, politically and socially. 1912, everyone agreed that breaking up standard oil was a good idea, had to be done. they broke into 35 companies, most of them did well. the shareholders actually made money. it's a very american resolution, bill. and it's very clear that we've had this confrontation before in american history: andrew jackson against the second bank of the united states in the
are in pittsburgh for their final regular-season road game of the year. jose theodore is 0 and 3 for his last games. he made 28 saves last night in a win over the bruins. donovan mcnabb was in town and he was impressive today. donovan mcnabb was in town and he was impressive today. announcer: the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, so why does the journey from where you are to where you want to be have to go through a classroom? it doesn't. from correspondence courses to online platforms, like the graduate school's gs connect, distance education has always helped people on the go, go further. the courses you need, available on your schedule, anytime, anywhere. great moments begin at the graduate school. learn more. visit... >>> william and mary has a new mascot. the williamsburg school was considering apug, a wren, and a king and queen. they have chosen a griffin, a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. they began the search for a new mascot after finding the logo could be offensive to native americans. >>> a record high at 93 in dallas
was the first to leave the morning skate. he will be the first one on the ice. theodore will come in if things get dicey. nerve-racking deal here. hopefully the season continues. >> we got fingers crossed. people are rocking the red. we will see you back here tonight at 10:00. have a good evening.  i'm lucy sykes. i'm a fashion stylist. what i do is dress people for magazines and tv. my job is to hunt down the best fashion and stay on budget. my secret? t.j.maxx. their buyers have their finger on the pulse of what's on trend. they buy directly from designers and you see the savings! i dress fashionistas. but i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you!
spares theodore the drama of starting in montreal hockey is not just a sport in montreal. it's truly a religion there, much the way college football is to west texas and golf is to augusta, georgia. tonight will mark the first time in their history that the caps have played a playoff game in montreal and players, many hail from canada are brace forgot chaos. >> it's always special when you get a chance to play in canada during playoff time. 22,000 people. have fun over there. people just love you over there. right now it's not about fun. coach gaby shuffling his lines a little. alex semyon doesn't have a single point and so he's getting two nowhere line mates. >>> football now and every year leading up to the draft we ask the redskins what their needs are and what they're going to do on draft night and every year the team gives us the same vague nonsense about taking the best athelete available. so we're going to skip that this year because it doesn't do anybody any good. here's what we do know. even though kyle shanahan says he's happy with the redskins' offensive linemen, they nee
the game winner, but hakim, there also is controversy brewing, as you know jose theodore was pulled in the first period for giving up two goals on two shots. i saw him after the game. i talked to him. he actually seemed very calm. he said that, well, if it's what help the caps win then it was right decision and he also said tomorrow is going to be extremely important for him at practice because he sbends to go out there, fight hard and prove that he should be the starter when this team going to montreal on monday. back to you. >> lindsay, the only person at verizon center, but i know that when everyone left, the emotions were just nutty i'm sure. people have got to be feeling good tonight after a big win like that in overtime. >> reporter: yeah it was crazy i have to tell you. you could definitely feel the energy rise especially when the capitals tied it up, forget about it but that's true you guys could hear it on nebraska avenue, so what am i talking about? right? >> yes. >> lindsay, thank you, see you in montreal. all right, talking baseball now. >>> and 35-year-old nationals' pi
's an important one. montreal tied the game at 2-2. that means we go to overtime. josie theodore, basically a wall in front of the net. later, tomas plekanec. you know the name. study the name. say the name. first career overtime goal. fifth year goal in the postseason. and montreal taking number one. >>> to the diamond now. angels and yankees. jackie robinson. everyone wearing number 42. robinson cano, greeting rachel robinson. in the fifth inning, robinson. he was named after jackie robinson. yankees go on to win, 6-2. >>> that will do it for sports. back to you in new york. >>> well, up next, this is some pretty unbelievable video. a frightening brush with death, during a high-flying adventure in australia. >> a brazilian pilot was performing when something went terribly wrong. it sent his plane crashing into the river. rescuers pulled him out of the water within minutes. and amazingly, he survived with just minor injuries. >> wow. the plane competes at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour. so, he is lucky, to say the least. >> we got the close-up view because of the mounted camera onboard. splas
. >> but centerman nick backstrom returned to practice after battling a stomach bug but jose theodore left practice with a neck stinger, thought to be nothing. >> and the beard showdown. up load your beard photos and we'll try to get them on. >>> the redskins open the first mike shanna him camp. and how to get behind donovan mcnabb without seeming to dump on jason campbell. with jason signing his tender on monday, it's looking more than likely he'll be back with a backup this fall which means players need to play cards very carefully as london fletcher did today. >> i'm sad about that this thing that happened with jason because he's a friend and i also want him to have a great career. and i think he will have a great career in this league. but to be able to add that to something that the redskins couldn't pass up. >> and the skins today resigning two free agent lineman, anthony montgomery and stephon heyer. he started all 16 games as tackle last year. >>> the nationals return from their off day tonight in philly and still no ryan zimmerman. the all-star third baseman was supposed to be back from hi
kanuble. and mike the hero again and he wins it for the caps in a shootout. theodore shut the door and the caps scored three straight times to win t but the game was close. and bruce boudreau doesn't think they have pittsburgh's number. >> of course i don't think we're better than the pen twins. they're the stanley cup champions and they're the team to beat. every game, you're looking at 3- 0 and i'm looking at three slow close games. >> both teams usually bring their best this these kinds of games and they're intense this time of the year and this one being so late in the season. i'm sure both teams want to get the most out of it. it's been really close match games. and i expect the same thing here tonight. >>> caps and pens face off at 7:30. catch all the action on our sister network. >>> coming up, we'll tell you who you is paired with tiger woods for the first round of the masters. chick hernandez joins us live from augusta with the latest. >>> kelli johnson goes one-on- one with the new leader of the redskins who has a clear vision how the franchise can turn things around. >>
but he didn't. theodore was pulled in game two after surrendering two goals on 0 two shots. similar onreplaced him and will get the nod tonight tonight. nicholas emerged the hero in game two. it allowed the caps to escape 6- 5 and even the series at one game apiece. tonight the series shifts to montreal where one cap is expecting an electric setting. >> the fact is you are going to play in a great city that is a very proud franchise and you are in for a great at moss fever fear and thrown in to the playoffs in the first round. it's front page news there. it is what's happening, and as a player it is always fun to play in those situations where it means everything. it means everything to them. >> reporter: benny hamlin won the sprint cup race. the nats and rockies open a four game series tonight at nats park. i'm dave feldman, now you are up to date. now you have the news edge. the news is always on at back here tonight at 10:00. hope you will be, too. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected more cr through e-mail. test results from home.
. montreal scored two goals in the first eight minutes. that was it for caps' goalie jose theodore. here come the caps. they are down 4-1 late in the second. nicklas backstrom gets the rebound to make it 4-2 in the early third. john carlson, the rookie, takes the shot. we are at three. midway through the third, watch backstrom. he is out front. he will score again. it is 4-4. with over five minutes left, montreal is controlling the puck. this happen sometimes. watch mike greene. the puck goes up and into the net. it is 5-4. there is a minute and a half. here is john carlson, no. 74. drop pass, 5-5, we go to overtime. if it only took 30 seconds to decide this one. here comes backstrom down the middle. he gets the hat trick. with a huge comeback, they even the series at a game each. >> nick is a great player. great players come to the fore when you need them. this is what nikki and carlson did for us. >> you never give up. it is embarrassing for us, but we bounced back. that is a good thing. >> we are a good team because we have the ability to come back no matter what. we never count ourselves
. the coach would not reveal his starting goaltender. jose theodore was pulled in game 2 after surrendering two games in two shots. he was the first to hit the ice at practice and montreal native did not hide his desire to play in tomor pivotal deciding game. >> as a professional athlete you want to be in those situations and have the chance to succeed and playing in those kinds of games is pretty much why you play the game. you play a long season, 82 games. it's all to be in the playoffs and game 7 is the obviously the ultimate game. >> reporter: the family of late wizards winner abe poland has agreed to sell its steak in the nba team to caps owner ted leonsis. they said they will wait until it's finalized before issuing comment. robert poland said that the deal would be finished as soon as this week. >>> nats in chicago and look at the defense by alberto gonzales. filling in for an injured ryan zimmerman, that is zim like, robbing dering lee of a nice hit. they got some insurance. ian desmond to left. niger morgan scores. leon hernandez. they improved to 11-10. the best start since '05. o
. bruce boudreaux announced theodore will be the playoff goalie for the caps. . >>> tomorrow on good morning maryland, he used to be governor and now he wants his old job back. an abc2 news exclusive. bob ehrlich joins good morning maryland to explain his decision to run against incumbent governor o'malley. we'll have that story and more on good morning maryland. . >>> oh, kelly, take a look at this. virginia beach has the last of the rain. tomorrow much better day on tap. mid-60s, we're talking blue skies, don't forget the sun glasses. that's about seasonable, low 60s. the outhook into the weekend is not bad. back into the 70s thursday and friday. slight chance for rain there friday and saturday, but right now we're talking like 20, 25%, not excited about that. keep an eye on it for you now. >> nothing like what we had today. >> that all day gloomy scenario, not looking like it. >> it is april. >> it is april. but it does knock the pollen down, good news for the allergy sufferers. >> that's a positive note. >> always the silver lining. >> that's it for us. thanks for watching. don't
fireback. gomez gets it past the door -- theodore. he shoots and he scores. here comes your game-winners. the caps turned back. 3-2. alex ovechkin was held to no shot on goal. can you believe that? >> when he does not get any, and you have four power plays, they took them away pretty good, but i think, you know, i don't think he was very good tonight. >> he is a great player. we are going to find out a way. this is the first game of the series. >> we need to work properly. they had a rough night. we will have to do better. >> absolutely. game two on saturday. the nationals finished their business with the philadelphia phillies to end the series. they are clawing their back -- their way back in this one. zimmermann swinging for the fences. 5-4 nats. they did not look back. rodriguez had a great game. two more runs scored. the nationals win. >> yay! >> 7-5. blue jays in toronto tonight. that is where we see our play of the day. gordon beckham. toronto won the game 7-3. not bad. following his fourth place finish of the masters, tiger woods is waiting two weeks to tee it up again. he
justice and spoke to the perils of over civilization. a theme that is stressed by theodore roosevelt, whose wild west sojourn was central to his experience. of course, this anxiety culminates in frederick jackson turner's famous frontier thesis of 1893, which are do two things. one that the existence of the frontier explains american development, american social, intellectual, cultural, material development. and second, that this era of american history was coming to a close. the frontier, according to census of 1890, was closed. what turner wondered, what would this do to american life, if the material motive, the precondition for all of these fundamental american traits disappears? it is a tremendous amount of anxiety at the turn of the century about this issue. it did not end then. john f. kennedy's campaign for president in 1960, which adopted the theme of the new frontier, was precisely meant to draw upon that turner thesis, on the turner vision of america as a nation meeting of frontier for its well-being, for the exercise of virtue and the cultivation of virtue. oene might con
theodore or sem yen voluntary -- varmo lov. boudreau says he'll make the decision on game day. the head coach said this about the start of the post-season. >> you're the number one seed but you know to me it's like starting the season fresh. we're all started at zero wins and zero losses. sports has a way of having surprises and upsets and we don't want to be one. surprises or upsets but it's been known to happen. >> reporter: not with you, coach. we've got a great team. brian is back after this. i'm dave feldman. have a good night.  >>> a wyoming man really wanted to break a world record. he got 1500 body piercings in one day to do it. taking some edge off with some video that is not for the faint of heart. it took four and a half hours to put the needles in he had brunn's arms, backs and legs. he said it only hurt a couple times. once they were in it was time to pull them out. he only kept one of the piercings. now you have the "news edge." news is always on, on stay dry tomorrow. we'll be back here. hope you will be too. is that your new c
one? will it be theodore or varlamov? the decision will be made on game day. the head coach also said this about the start of the postseason. >> yeah, the number one seed, but you know, to me, it's like starting the season fresh. i mean, we're all started at zero wins and losses, sports as its ways of having surprises and upsets and obviously, we don't want to be one of the surprises or the upsets. but it's been known to happen. >>> baseball now, today the nats tried to spoil the phillies home opener. that's pitcher helping his own cause. a single down the line. two runs would score. the nats lead 4-0. 50 career rbis. pretty good for mar keith. that's jim riggleman getting tossed. he really, if he didn't like he like this. this is chase utley, off the fair pole, it's fair. two run home run, the phillies beat the nationals 7-4. brian, back to you. >> you have the news edge. the news is always on at the news will be back at 10:00 and then the news edge at 11:00. have a good night and come check us out later.
games left in the regular season for the caps. jose theodore starting in goal against atlanta. number 1 nod for the playoffs? we have no idea because bruce boudreau has not given any indications. there is growing speculation that he won't give any indication. perhaps going to go with a platoon situation. two games to win. >> we just want to win everything. who knows if you can unless you try. i'm going to try to win tonight. >> they say it takes pitchers a little longer than hitters to reach their mid-season form. you would have to agree after watching a.j. burnett putting the wild into wild pitch. he got the sweaty palms and it slipped out of his hands. >> it gets sticky sometimes. >> wow. >> yes, as bob used to say" a bit outside." this much. >> you got the seven-day forecast for us? >> here is the seven-day forecast. as nice as it is here it will be nice in augusta. 63 here tomorrow. breezy through the morning. low 70s on sunday. spectacular weekend. we can't really complain. i know it was much nicer last weekend. 64 on monday. little bit cooler tuesday and wednesday. no big storms
theodore in practice. he suffered a stinger yesterday. reported that alex ovechkin caused it, taking a hard shot on goal. in real boudreau said it was david steckel. >> i don't have a problem answering any questions. but for the -- guys that -- get it right. that's all i ask you. yesterday it was than ovechkin that hit theodore. as was publicized everywhere. it was dave steckel. don't guess and make it sound like our best players are getting -- don't try to create the controversy. if we say the controversy is there but don't try to create it by making [ bleep ] up. okay? that's all i ask. >> yes. playoff pressure will do that to you. we never hear bruce boudreau had a way. that's why it was so surprising. you know, i mean, the capitals, they obviously are the number one seed. they know they should be the team that does better tonight. you about one of those things where anything can happen, and they certainly want to be able to stand up to those expectations. also, dan, before i go, they do have those standing room seats in here. they have about 55 that they sold for $100 apiece that are al
will go with jose theodore in the fight. what the team is saying about its goalie in three minutes. >>> in 2002 hee say theodore was the best goalie and player in hockey, won this mvp that year and did it in montreal. the place to which he will return this week and return as a starter. bruce boudreau named him the caps starting goalie for the series against the canadiens then the smack talk from up north began immediately. mechanic saying it is not as if we are up against brodeur or miller they don't have a dominant goalie. oh, capitals, your response? >> i try not to read in to it too much. it is easy for them to say. they have two of the the best goalies in the league. >> he's a veteran of the game and he knows he can handle it and there will be a lot of pressure but be a good test. >> reporter: baseball last night the o's looking for win number two, hosting the rays. it tied at five in the tenth until pena does that. three-run bomb and o's lose -5 and they are 1-67. >>> news the west virginia football program is under investigation by the ncaa and could face significant penalti
boudreau would not reveal his starting goal tender. jose theodore started the series. yesterday, there is theodore, he was the first goalie to hit ice. the montreal native did not highs hid desire to start game seven tonight. >> as a prrtional athlete, you want to be in those situations and you want to have the chance to succeed -- as a professional athlete. that is pretty much why you play the game. you play a long season, 82 games, but it is all to be in the playoff. and game seven is the ultimate game. >>> this just in, levon hernandez has officially turned back the clock. the 35-year-old veteran is off to one heck of a start in three starts. he has two winds and an era under one last night trying to put the kibosh on the cubbies. and he was dealing again on this night and had some great defense behind him. look at alberto gonzalez. that is down the line p watch motheringen come flying around second base. going to score. nats are going to win 3-1. hernandez, another win. the nats back over 500 at 11- 10. >>> orioles hosting the yankees at camden yards. this will end it with t
the panic button yet. it is only one game. washington lost to montreal in overtime last night. what theodore has to say about his performance. we'll be right back. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm brett brett haber with the wakeup sports from verizon center this morning. if your team puts 47 shots on gel and only two go in either you are the unluckiest team the world or the other guy's goal tender had the night of his life and in the case of the capitals last night both of these are true. the caps let an inferior team hang around too long and paid think price. largest hockey crowd in the history of the building. tied at one to begin the third period. caps changed that 467 seconds in. mike knugle leading for backrum. but eight minutes later, montreal streaks in the zone. the feed for u.s. olympian gomez. the alaska native ties it at two and heading to overtime and that's where 13 minutes in, thomas, the guy who was talking smack about the capitals goalies on monday skates in, fires the slapper and beats them on thursday. game over. 3-2 montreal in overtime. a game the caps should have won. >>
to the ends. >> jason chimera talking about jose theodore. theodore was cold in the game for giving up too many goals. he has been playing out of his mind for the capitals. look for a strong start from him tonight. they feel good and ready. they want to end this series quickly against montreal. dan? >> lindsay, thank you. we will talk to you again coming up at 6:00. at that time we will be speaking about bruce boudreau who is upset with the media now which is very uncommon for him. >> already. we will tune in then. >>> coming up on "news4 at 5:00," why would an entire country ban apple's ipad? if you are looking for a bad, how about settling at the seminary? we will tell you about unique homes on the market. we are coming right back. >>> you cannot bring your new ipad into the country of israel. authorities are afraid it will take up too much space on wireless networks and shut down other devices. the israel israeli government is confident it will sort out the problem and everything will be a go when the ipad launches internationally in may. customs is holding on to ten ipad at the moment.
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